ARX AFTERBURNER II™ Unique Dual ChannelDual Band Enhanced CompressorLimiter

ARX AFTERBURNER™ adalah Multi Mode compressor/limiter yang unik dan didesain untuk para professional dalam hal mengontrol dinamika audio.  


• Switchable Mode - Stereo; Dual Channel Single band; atau Single Channel Dual Band (Low dan High)

• Low / High frequency compression dengan model Single Channel • 'Enhance' switch untuk memperbaiki spectral balance terhadap sinyal yang dikompres

• Hard/Soft knee compression switch

• Adaptive Stereo Link circuit untuk stereo imaging

• Above/Below Threshold LED untuk memonitor efek kompresi

• Balanced XLR / Jack Input dan Output

• Sidechain Insert point


Input Impedance Balanced 20 Kohms, Unbalanced 10 Kohms
Input Headroom + 22 dB
CMRR >60 dB, 20 Hz-20 KHz
Output Impedance Balanced 300 ohms, Unbalanced 150 ohms
Output Level (Max) + 22 dB
Frequency Response 20Hz to 20KHz ±0.2dB
Signal to Noise ratio -93 dB Unweighted, -99 dB 'A' weighted
Distortion .02% THD @ 0dB,1KHz
Dynamic Range 115 dB
Sidechain Insert Impedance 10 Kohm

Filter Section
Filter Type 
Phase corrected 6dB/octave
Summed Filter Response ±0.2dB through crossover region
Dividing Frequency 250 Hz

Enhance Section
Low Enhance 
50 Hz, High Enhance 10 KHz
Power Requirements 100/120 V AC, 220/240 V AC
Weight 5 lbs/2.2 Kg
Dimensions 19"W x 1¾"H x 6"D, 482 x 44 x 155mm
Input/OutputConnector type XLR, Balanced Jack
Sidechain Insert Connector TRS Jack

Front Panel Controls
  • Hardwire bypass IN/OUT switch
  • Threshold, Ratio and Output Gain controls
  • Above/Below Threshold LEDs
  • 12 segment LED Output Level display
  • Numbered marker panel for labelling compressor assigns
  • 7 segment LED Gain Reduction display
  • Enhance switch and status LED
  • Adaptive Stereo link switch and status LED
  • Dual/Single channel mode switch and status LEDs

Rear Panel Connectors

  • Balanced Inputs and Outputs, on both XLR and TRS jack connectors. In Single channel (Mono) mode, use Channel 1 Inputs and Outputs only
  • Sidechain Insert TRS connector on each channel
  • AC input connector, with voltage switch and fuse.