ARX EQ260 Dual Channel 30 band Constant Q Graphic Equalizer

"Selain EQ215, tersedia pula tipe EQ260 dimana equalizer ini memiliki jangkauan frekwensi yang lebih lebar yang disesuaikan dengan kebutuhan untuk men-tuning sinyal audio"  


• XR baru (Extended Resolution) long-throw fader untuk maksimum kontrol dan resolusi

• Sweepable High Pass filter 20-200Hz

• Ultra low noise 'Constant Q' circuitry

• Balanced Input dan Output XLR dan Jack connector

• Switchable 6dB / 15dB cut dan boost

• Audio Ground lift switch pada panel belakang

• Kontrol yang intuitive

Input Impedance Balanced 20 Kohms, Unbalanced 10 Kohms
Input Headroom + 23 dB
CMRR >55 dB, 20 Hz to 20 KHz
Output Impedance Balanced 300 ohms, Unbalanced 150 ohms
Output Level (Max) + 23 dB
Frequency Response 10Hz to 20KHz ±0.25dB
Signal to Noise ratio -93 dB Unweighted, -98 dB 'A' weighted
Distortion .0035% THD, 0dB, @1KHz
Dynamic Range 116 dB
High Pass Filter Sweepable 20-200Hz
Power Requirements 100/120 V AC, 220/240 V AC, 18VA
Weight 10lbs/4.5Kg
Dimensions 19"W x 5 1/4"H x 8"D, 482 x 132 x 205 mm
Input Connector type XLR, Balanced Jack
Output Connector type XLR, Balanced Jack

Front Panel Controls
  • 30 x 60mm Extended Resolution long throw, centre grounding faders per channel on ISO standard frequencies, 25 Hz to 20 KHz
  • Infinity through to +10dB Gain control
  • LED clipping indicator
  • Sweepable High Pass filter 20-200Hz
  • 15 or 6 dB EQ Cut/Boost range switch
  • Hardwire bypass EQ IN/OUT switch

Rear Panel

  • Balanced Inputs and Outputs, on both XLR and TRS jack connectors.
  • Audio Ground Lift switch
  • AC input connector, with voltage switch and fuse.