ARX MIXXMASTER Six Input MicLine Master Mixer

ARX introduces the MIXXMASTER 4 channel Microphone/Line Master Mixer, with two Mic/Line inputs, three stereo line inputs (one with 3 way EQ), and Left/Right (or Zone 1 and 2) master level controls. It's the companion product to the MIXX Four channel Microphone Mixer, another innovative mixing product

Great Features
Each Microphone channel on the MIXXMaster has a Balanced Low Noise Mic input, plus 3 way EQ and Pan controls. The Mic input can also be switched to be a Line input as required.
Switchable Phantom power is available on all Mic Inputs.The Stereo Line input 3/4 also has 3 way EQ, while the Stereo Line Inputs 5/6 and 7/8 each have a level control, and all the line inputs are industry standard RCA type connectors. Additionally there are Left and Right Master controls.
The rear panel also has a connector for a push-to-talk jack, and a Priority override switch for Channel 1. Pressing this in will duck the level of the other channels by 20dB when Channel 1 is used.

AC Power
Both the MIXX and MIXXMaster models are available as a 100 to 120V AC model or a 220 to 240V AC model, and AC power is connected to the unit via a standard three pin IEC connector, with built-in fuse and voltage change switch.

With its superb audio quality, massive headroom and intuitive interface, the MIXXMaster and the MIXX series are the total solution to today’s install requirements.


* Only 1 RU high

* Balanced XLR Mic Inputs and Outputs

* 3 way EQ and Pan controls

* Switchable Phantom power

* User friendly layout

* Flawless performance in any audio environment


* Sound Reinforcement

* Industrial Paging/BGM Systems

* AV Systems/CD/VIDEO

* Clubs/Gyms/Karaoke/Restaurants

* Studio, Live and Broadcast Submixers


Microphone inputs: Electronically Balanced on XLR Connectors
Stereo Line Inputs: Buffered line level inputs on RCA Connectors
Mic Priority Switchable Channel 1 override; 20dB attenuation to all other channels
Input Gain: Variable 20dB-60dB on Mic/Line channels by rear panel trim control, plus Mic/Line input switch
Channel Level: Infinity to +6dB Gain
Channel Pan: True L and R constant level Control

Mic and Line Channel EQ:
Low 100Hz 15dB Cut/Boost Shelving
Mid 800HZ 15dB Cut/Boost Bell, Broad Q
High 10KHz 15dB Cut/Boost Shelving
Frequency Response: 20-20KHz +or- 1dB
Distortion: Below .005% 100Hz to 10KHz
Phantom Power: +48VDC switchable on all Microphone Inputs

Microphone Channel Inputs: Electronically Balanced XLR connector
Master Outputs: Electronically Balanced XLR 300 ohms Line Level
Master Outputs Signal/Noise: -90dB unweighted.
Max Output Level: +20dB
AC Power: Supplied as 100-120 VAC model or 220-240 VAC model 50/60HZ 8VA (8 watts) 3 pin IEC connector with removable cable