Celestion Compression Drivers Ferrite CDX1-1446

* 1" exit lightweight and compact ferrite magnet compression driver with 1.4" copper clad aluminium voice coil


* 20Wrms power handling (AES standard) and 106dB sensitivity


* 35mm/1.38in screw attachment


* One piece PETP diaphragm and surround


* Finite Element Analysis (FEA) techniques used to optimise both magnetic and acoustic design


* Suitable for 2-way and 3-way systems

8O Frequency Response



1. Tested for two hours using a continuous, band-limited pink noise

signal as per AES standard. Power calculated on minimum impedance.

Loudspeaker tested in free air.

2. Measured on axis at 1W, 1m in 2p anechoic environment.




* Power rating (1) 20Wrms


* Nominal impedance 8 Ohm

* Frequency range 1500-20000


* Sensitivity (2) 106dB


* Recommended min. crossover (12dB/oct) 2200Hz


* Voice coil diameter 35mm/1.4in


* Magnet type Ferrite


* Diaphragm material PETP film


* Coil material Round Copper Coated Aluminium



Mounting Information


* Overall width 90.0mm/3.54in


* Overall depth 69mm/2.71in


* Fitting Screw (35mm, 1.38in diameter)


* Throat exit 25.4mm/1.0in


* Unit weight 1.1kg