Celestion Heritage Series G12H75

It's hard to escape the sound of the G12H, just listen to any Hendrix recording and chances are you'll be hearing a whole raft of them powering the guitar out of the mix.

These faithful re-creations capture the unmistakeable mojo of late 60s rock guitar tones. The Heritage Series G12H (75) features a 75 c/s 'lead' cone for an alternative tonal balance that places a little less emphasis on bass frequencies. Choose this version if you prefer a tighter bottom end with a punchy upper mid-range and sparkling highs.


8 Ohm Frequency Response





* Nominal diameter 12", 305mm

* Power rating 30Wrms

* Nominal impedance Available 8 Ohm or 15 Ohm

* Sensitivity 100dB

* Chassis type Pressed steel

* Voice coil diameter 1.75", 44.5mm

* Voice coil material Round copper

* Magnet type Ceramic

* Magnet weight 50oz, 1.42kg

* Frequency range 75-5000Hz

* Resonance frequency, Fs 75Hz

* DC resistance, Re 6.53 Ohm= and 12.11 Ohm

Mounting Information

* Cut-out diameter 11.1", 283mm

* Diameter 12.2", 309mm

* Magnet structure diameter 6.6", 168mm

* Mounting slot PCD 11.7", 297mm

* Number of mounting slots 4

* Overall depth 5.3", 135mm

* Unit weight 10.4lb, 4.7kg