Jupiter 1100 Series JFH1100RS Flugelhorn


The JFH1100RS is the perfect choice for the aspiring student, artist or educator wanting to fill the warm ballad voicing within solo or ensemble literature. It features a conical .413" bore and 6" rose brass bell with an open taper that delivers a full, rich tone with brilliant overtones.


Rose Brass Bell offer greater sonic presence and tonal warmth to the sound of the instrument

French Tuning Slides provide the player with easier tuning adjustments and improved intonation characteristics

Hand Fitted, Dual-Lapped Monel Valves provide exceptionally fast action and quiet operation

Key of Bb

Silver-Plated Brass Body

6" Bell

Monel Pistons

.413" Bore

1st and 3rd Valve Water Keys

3rd Valve Trigger

Wood-Frame Case