Mapex B1000 Cymbal Boom Stand

Mapex memiliki berbagai model Cymbal stand untuk mengakomodasi semua konfigurasi yang Anda butuhkan. Setiap model fleksibel dan memberikan stabilitas tanpa tandingan. Semua fitur stand Mapex memiliki fitur “memory lock” untuk keaamanan dan kemudahan set-up, “slip-proof nylon inner sleeves”, karet kaki bebas selip untuk stabilitas.

Retractable Boom Arm

OS Cymbal Accentuators

Slip-Proof Nylon Inner Sleeve

Universal Ball-in-Socket Tilter

The advanced multi-versatile rotating mechanism in the Super-Glide-Stepless tilter allows for easy cymbal placement into any position

The cymbal/hide away boom arm can easily serve as a straight stand

Spring loaded hinged memory locks secure your stand position quickly and effortlessly

The new Mapex quick-release cymbal accentuators makes cymbal installations and breakdowns a breeze with the push of a button

The boom ratchet is marked for easy set-up & re-set of the boom arm, and comes standard with memory lock and a single adjustment thumb screw for fast tilter adjustments

Double Braced Legs