Mapex Black Panther Blaster Snare Stinger

The 1mm steel shell delivers a razor-sharp tone that allows both the attack and sustain to cut through the music. The traditional 45 degree bearing edge allows the head to fully resonate all the way to its edges, producing great sensitivity for softer dynamics and ghost notes. The 10" x 5.5" size makes this snare small but explosive. It's easy to fit almost anywhere on the kit, but its depth makes it a bit tastier than popcorn. 4. Snare placement is made easy because the Stinger has a mounting bracket. Whether attached to an arm or sitting in a basket, it's going to be loud.


  • Size: 10" x 5.5"

  • Material: 1mm Steel

  • Edge: Traditional 45°

  • Sound: Bright, Open, & Loud