Martin Audio C4.8T

Ceiling Series


Designed to offer performance features not normally associated with install ceiling product, the Ceiling Series brings Martin Audio innovation and sound quality to this market sector. Providing smooth articulate sound with high intelligibility this range of products proves that sonic performance need not be sacrificed to meet the requirements of a life safety system.

Consisting of the C4.8T, C6.8T and C8.1T, the Ceiling Series provides solutions for a wide range of installation scenarios. Each loudspeaker is housed in a steel backcan and have been designed in accordance with IEC60849 / EN60849 and are UL2043 and UL1480 certified. With a 16 ohm impedance, the use of multiple units in low impedance systems is greatly simplified. They are also fitted with a high specification transformer enabling power selection for either 70V or 100V operation via a front mounted rotary switch.

From low ceiling corridors to high atriums, the solution is Martin Audio Ceiling Series – high performance, unobtrusive, reliable and easily installed.


Martin Aduido C4.8T


* Full-range 4" system with integral can

* Ceiling mounted, two-way vented enclosure

The C4.8T is an extremely compact, two-way flush mount loudspeaker designed to deliver high performance and high intelligibility in a wide range of applications. The unit consists of a 4" (100mm) bass driver with a UL rated, carbon fibre loaded polypropylene cone and a 0.8" (19mm) dome tweeter mounted side by side on the baffle. This configuration easily outperforms coaxial stalk-mounted tweeter or single driver arrangements in terms of wide dispersion and smooth off-axis frequency response. The exceptionally wide dispersion of the C4.8T makes it particularly suitable for installation in low ceilings where significantly fewer units will be required to cover a particular area.

These products comply with UL2043 Fire Tests for Heat & Visible Smoke Release for Discrete Products and their Accessories Installed in Air Handling Spaces.

Listed UL1480 General Signalling Speakers.



* Two-way high performance flush mounting ceiling speaker

* 4" (100mm) UL94V-0 carbon fibre loaded polypropylene cone bass driver

* Very wide dispersion – 180° up to 10kHz

* High & low impedance operation – transformer included

* Fireproofed rising clamp plug and socket for easy pre-wiring

* 100dB continuous max SPL @ 1 metre

* Steel backcan

* Tile rails and C bracket included

* UL2043 & UL1480


* Fixed installations in ceiling and walls

* Low ceiling environments

Technical Specification

TYPE Ceiling mounted, two-way vented enclosure

FREQUENCY RESPONSE (1) 100Hz-20kHz ± 3dB

-10dB @ 80Hz

DRIVERS 4" (100mm) UL94V-0 PP bass driver

0.8" (19mm) dome tweeter

RATED POWER (2) 40W AES, 160W peak



MAXIMUM SPL (4) 100dB continuous, 106dB peak


DISPERSION (-6dB) 180° conical up to 10kHz

CROSSOVER 5kHz passive

ENCLOSURE Steel backcan

FINISH Bezel & grille – white UV resistant


Backcan – zinc plated

PROTECTIVE GRILLE Perforated steel

CONNECTORS Rising clamp plug and socket

ACCESSORIES (included) 25W 70/100V line transformer

Tile rails

C bracket

Paint mask

Cut-out template


100V – 25W, 12.5W, 6W

70V – 25W, 12.5W, 6W, 3W

DIMENSIONS (OD) 205mm x (D) 131mm

(OD) 8.1ins x (D) 5.1ins

CUT-OUT DIAMETER 178mm (7.01 ins)

WEIGHT 2.6kg (5.7lbs)

Architectural Specifications

The loudspeaker shall be a wide-dispersion, two-way, in-ceiling system consisting of a 4” low frequency transducer and a 0.8” dome high frequency transducer mounted in a ported enclosure. The enclosure shall comprise a pressed steel backcan with a UL94V-0 fire-rated moulded baffle. The transducers shall be protected by a removable, perforated steel grille.

Input connection shall be made via a four-pin rising-clamp plug and socket with loop-through capability to enable pre-wiring with up to 2.5mm2 cable prior to installation. The connector shall be protected from fire by a steel cover with a clamped cable entry. An attachment tag on the backcan shall enable direct attachment to the building structure as a secondary support.

The loudspeaker shall include a steel support ring and tile rails.

Dispersion shall be 180° conical up to 10kHz. The on-axis frequency response shall be 100Hz-20kHz +/- 3dB and the loudspeaker shall produce a maximum SPL of 106dB peak calculated at 1 metre. Power handling shall be 40W AES, 160W peak.

The loudspeaker shall be equipped with a transformer for 70V or 100V line operation, with taps selected by a rotary switch on the front baffle. The switch shall also provide for 16 ohm low impedance operation of the loudspeaker.

Dimensions (OD x D) shall be 205mm x 131mm (8.1ins x 5.1ins). Weight shall be 2.6kg (5.7lbs).

The loudspeaker shall be the Martin Audio C4.8T.