Martin Audio DD12

Differential Dispersion Systems

Martin Audio’s Differential Dispersion™ systems deliver more consistent frequency response and SPL’s over the audience than from systems with fixed X° x Y° dispersion.

DD12 - Combining onboard networking, DSP and Class D amplification with state-of-the-art transducers, the compact DD12 sets a new benchmark for professional, powered two-way loudspeaker systems in terms of fidelity, output capability and coverage consistency. Its compact, multi-angle enclosure facilitates vertical or horizontal orientation, as well as use as a stage monitor.

DD6 - The ultra-compact DD6 is a passive two-way, multi-purpose loudspeaker system designed for premium applications which require ‘on-the-fly’ flexibility. Its high frequency horn can be easily rotated for horizontal or vertical use in a quick, tool free operation. Up to three DD6’s can be driven by the PSX self-powered companion subwoofer.

W8VDQ - Combines line array and differential dispersion technologies within a single enclosure — a unique solution to the requirement of even coverage over wide angles and medium throw distances from a single element. The W8VDQ has wide short-throw horizontal dispersion of 120°, reducing to 100° as the throw increases.

Martin Audio DD12

* 2-way system

* Compact Powered Differential Dispersion™ System

The multi-purpose DD12 defines the ultimate in performance and versatility for powered, two-way loudspeaker systems. It combines onboard networking, DSP and Class D amplification with state-of-the-art transducers and Differential Dispersion™ horn technology to achieve best-in-class performance in terms of fidelity, output capability and coverage consistency across the audience.

Versatility is a key attribute of the DD12. It is designed to meet a multitude of premium stand-alone and distributed sound reinforcement requirements — from touring, theatre and portable live sound applications, to concert hall and HoW installations, AV events and stage monitor use. Ideal as the main PA in small-to-medium size rooms, it can also be used as an infill loudspeaker in large-scale systems.

Every design effort has been focused on maximising the output of the drive units. The DD12 features a high-specification 12” (300mm) LF drive unit and a class-leading 1” (25mm) exit compression driver on a user-rotatable, Differential Dispersion horn. Differential Dispersion technology delivers more consistent audience coverage than systems with conventional X° x Y° horns — providing more throw to the rear to distribute sound evenly front-to-back, while having wider close-up horizontal coverage for the front rows.

The compact, multi-angle enclosure can be used in either vertical or horizontal orientation — with rotation of the HF horn easily accomplished by removing the steel grille, which is a spring-fit into the enclosure sides and pre-curved to resist damage on the road.


Multi-purpose, bi-amplified, powered two-way system

Compact, multi-angle, polyurethane-coated plywood enclosure with screw-free perforated steel grille

User rotatable Differential Dispersion™ horn optimises coverage footprint across the audience plane

Onboard network, DSP and Class D amplification

Switched mode power supply with PFC (Power Factor Correction) and global mains operation

Wide range of vertical and horizontal deployment options

Integral pole mount and M8 rigging inserts


Live sound reinforcement

Theatre sound reinforcement

Fixed installations in concert halls and HoW

Corporate AV events

High-power stage monitoring

Frontfill/infill for large-scale systems

Technical Specification


TYPE Compact, Differential Dispersion™,

powered two-way system


-10dB @ 55Hz

MAXIMUM SPL (3) 125dB continuous, 131dB peak


LF: 12" (300mm)/3" (75mm) voice coil, long-excursion, neodymium magnet driver

HF: 1” (25mm) exit/1.7” (44mm) voice coil, polyimide dome, neodymium magnet compression driver

DISPERSION Differential Dispersion: 110-60° horizontal, 60° vertical


CONNECTORS Female XLR input, male XLR link output

ANALOGUE INPUT IMPEDANCE 20kO balanced to ground

MAXIMUM ANALOGUE INPUT LEVEL 6.15Vrms (+18dBu), over voltage protected

AES/EBU IMPEDANCE 110 ohms balanced, receive and transmit termination

INTERNAL PROCESSING Multi-channel DSP, programmable via network

8 PEQ/shelving filters

Up to 48dB/Oct HPF

Vanishing Point™ FIR crossover filters

Up to 1 second of delay

Preset selection via rear panel switch


CONNECTORS IP68 rated 8-way, quick-release type


PC CONNECTION Micro USB or via U-NET and Merlin controller


TYPE 2 channel switch-mode, class D



COOLING Internal fan

Temperature controlled external fan

MAXIMUM AMBIENT TEMPERATURE 45°C (113°F) for full output


TYPE Switch mode, fixed frequency with PFC

AC INPUT OPERATING RANGE 100 – 240V ~ AC, 50 - 60Hz




MAINS CONNECTOR Neutrik® Powercon True1


ENCLOSURE Extensively braced multi-laminate birch ply

FINISH Textured black PU coating

PROTECTIVE GRILLE Black HEX perforated steel, Declon® backed

FITTINGS Top hat for pole mounting

15 x M8 threaded inserts

Two side pocket handles

Optional weather protection cowl

IP RATING IP 25 (with weather protection cowl)

DIMENSIONS (W) 360mm x (H) 571mm x (D) 384mm (503mm with cowl)

(W) 14.2in x (H) 22.5in x (D) 15.1in (19.8in with cowl)

WEIGHT 26kg (57.2 lbs)

ACCESSORIES Transit cover

Flight case for 2 x DD12 and accessories

Tour-grade network interconnects

Merlin Controller/U-NET Hub


(1) Measured on-axis in free space (4p space) at 2 metres, then referred to 1 metre.

(2) AES Standard ANSI S4.26 -1984.

(3) Measured in free space at 1 metre with a tone burst signal.