Martin Audio W8LCD Compact, High performance three-way line array enclosure

Line Array Systems


Martin Audio line array systems combine innovative horn-loading techniques with line array technology to produce extremely powerful systems with maximum dynamic impact.

Utilising proven and patentable driver-loading techniques, together with no-compromise vertically-coupled waveguides and true constant directivity horns, the Martin Audio line arrays achieve levels of efficiency and coverage consistency not usually found in this popular format.

More than ever, attention is focussed on how easy a system is to fly. The proprietary rigging systems of the Martin Audio line arrays are safe, quick to assemble and allow for a wide range of column curvatures to be achieved.

By hinging at the front rather than the rear, the rigging system minimises gaps between the acoustic elements which would otherwise interfere with the continuous column effect. All the flying hardware required is integral and captive.

The result of Martin Audio’s no compromise design, of all horn-loaded line arrays, is that music’s subtle nuances are reproduced with exceptional accuracy and unrivalled sonic performance.

Martin Audio line arrays – in a class of their own.

Martin Audio W8LCD 3way tri-amp all-horn-loaded

* 12" downfill for W8LC

* 3-Way Tri-amp All-horn-loaded

The Martin Audio W8LCD is a compact, wide dispersion, vertically arrayable enclosure. It can be used individually and in small quantities for short to medium throw (<40m) applications as well as a downfill element for the W8LC. Its 20° vertical dispersion requires fewer cabinets to cover the same area as a conventional line array element, yet it still benefits from the smooth, predictable coverage of a vertically coupled system.



* Stand-alone vertically arrayable enclosure

* Line array downfill element

* Consistent 120° (-6dB) horizontal mid and HF pattern control

* 20° (-6dB) vertical dispersion

* Amplitude shading switch

* Fast, integral rigging system, compatible with W8LC, flying frame and lifting bar

* 7:1 safety factor with arrays of up to 6 cabinets

* ViewPoint™ array optimisation software

* Loudspeaker management preset files for a wide variety of configurations

* Compatible with WLX, WSXa and WS218X



* Short to medium throw (<40m) arrays of 1 to 4 cabinets

* Vertically arrayed downfill for W8LC systems

* Theatre Sound Reinforcement

* Live Sound Reinforcement

* Corporate Events

* Fixed Installations

Technical Specification

TYPE Three-way, compact, downfill line array element


-10dB @45Hz

DRIVERS 12" (300mm)/4" (100mm) voice coil,

neodymium, Hybrid® bass horn loaded

2 x 6.5" (165mm)/1.5" (37.5mm) coil drivers, horn loaded

3 x 1" (25mm) exit HF compression drivers, horn loaded

RATED POWER (2) LF: 1000W AES, 4000W peak

MF: 200W AES, 800W peak

HF: 100W AES, 400W peak



MF: 106dB

HF: 109dB


(calculated @ 1m) LF: 133dB continuous, 139dB peak

MF: 129dB continuous, 135dB peak

HF: 129dB continuous, 135dB peak


MF: 8 ohms

HF: 8 ohms

DISPERSION (-6dB) 120º horizontal,

120º horizontal @ -10dB,

20º vertical

CROSSOVER 300Hz, 3kHz active via DX1.5 or DX2 controller

ENCLOSURE Vertical trapezoid with 10º wall angle, multi- laminate birch ply construction

FINISH Textured black paint

PROTECTIVE GRILLE Black perforated steel

CONNECTORS 2 x Neutrik NL8

FITTINGS Proprietary rigging system

2 x bar handles

2 x pocket handles

Side mounted interlocking skids


(inc. wheelboard) (W) 1000mm x (H) 454mm x (D) 550mm (706mm)

(W) 39.4ins x (H) 17.9ins x (D) 21.7ins (27.8ins)


(ex wheelboard) 67kg (148lbs)