Martin Audio W8LMI

Install Line Array Systems

Martin Audio Install line array systems combine innovative horn-loading techniques with line array technology to produce extremely powerful systems with maximum dynamic impact.

By combining proven and patentable driver-loading techniques with no-compromise vertically-coupled waveguides and true constant directivity horns, the Martin Audio line arrays achieve levels of efficiency and coverage consistency not usually found in this popular format.

All Martin Audio line array systems employ dedicated, horn-loaded cone-driven mid-range sections for highly intelligible voice projection. Toroidal phase plugs optimise the acoustically correct horn designs to provide the precise pattern control and very low distortion that is simply unobtainable from traditional compression driver designs.

This series, offering the same performance as the touring line array systems, has been designed with custom flyware tailored to the needs of fixed installations. Hinging at the front rather than the rear, the rigging system minimises gaps between the acoustic elements which would otherwise interfere with the continuous column effect. The inter-cabinet splay angles are easily selected by sliding links at the rear of the enclosure.

Martin Audio line arrays – in a class of their own.


Martin Audio W8LMI

* 3-way bi-amp 2x8" miniature line array

* Three-way, compact line array element

The W8LMI is a compact line array enclosure designed to bring line array performance to small and medium scale applications in the fixed installation market. It features the same acoustic components and construction as the touring W8LM as well as a custom-designed integral flying system tailored to the needs of a fixed installation environment, such as theatres and indoor venues. The flying hardware is rated at 7:1 for 12 cabinets and is compatible with the W8LM flying frame and lifting bar.

Following the constant directivity horn design philosophy of the W8L and the W8LC, the W8LMI is a three-way system that combines line array principles with innovative horn loading techniques to produce a next generation, small line array with maximum dynamic impact.


Mini, three-way line array element

Hybrid™ dual 8”(200mm) LF+MF configuration

(-3dB @ 60Hz)

LF+MF – 100dB @ 1W, 1m (single cabinet)

Twin 1” (25mm) HF horn – 106dB @ 1W, 1m (single cabinet)

Consistent 100° (-6dB) horizontal mid and HF pattern control

Passive or bi-amp operation

12 ohm system impedance, up to 4 cabinets on one amplifier channel

Integral rigging system with variable splay angles

7:1 safety factor with arrays of up to 12 cabinets

Compatible with W8LM flying frame and lifting bar

Display™ array optimisation software

Loudspeaker management preset files for a wide variety of configurations


Suited to the requirements of fixed installations




Technical Specification

TYPE Three-way, compact line array element


DRIVERS: LF + MF Section 8” (200mm)/2” (50mm) voice coil, reflex-loaded direct radiator

8” (200mm)/2” (50mm) voice coil, neodymium driver, front horn loaded, rear reflex loaded

DRIVERS : HF Section 2 x 1” (25mm) exit HF compression drivers,

horn loaded

RATED POWER (2) LF + MF: 400W AES, 1600W peak

HF: 75W AES, 300W peak

Passive: 400W AES, 1600W peak


HF: 106dB

Passive: 99dB rising to 105dB at HF


(calculated @ 1m) LF + MF: 125dB continuous, 131dB peak

HF: 125dB continuous, 131dB peak

Passive: 124dB continuous, 130dB peak


HF: 12 ohms

Passive: 12 ohms

DISPERSION (-6dB) 100º horizontal (down to 800Hz),

120º horizontal (down to 700Hz) @ -10dB

7.5º vertical

CROSSOVER 300Hz passive, 2.2kHz active or passive

ENCLOSURE Vertical trapezoid with 3.75º wall angle,

multi- laminate birch ply construction

FINISH Textured paint

PROTECTIVE GRILLE Perforated steel

CONNECTORS 2 x Neutrik NL4

DIMENSIONS (W) 620mm x (H) 243mm x (D) 400mm

(W) 24.4ins x (H) 9.57ins x (D) 15.75ins


(including rigging hardware) 29kg (64lbs)