Musser M646 Classic Bells

Musser’s Classic Bells are the finest high-carbon tempered steel, carefully hand tuned with a specially designed bar mounting system to deliver unsurpassed tone, clarity and resonance. The 2.5-octave bars are nickel plated with a satin finish. An optional hand damper on the M646 allows superb control over intricate passages. Classic Bells have a vinyl covered wood case with sturdy steel hinges, latches and double handles for carrying security. Optional stands include a folding table, and a compact folding stand. Another option is the small mallet instrument cart with large swivel casters. The cart is height and length adjustable and retrofits small instrument accessories.

Name Classic

Octave Range 2.5 Octaves

Note Range G5-C8

Standard Tuning A=442

Option Available A=440 A=445

Bar Material Steel

Bar Graduation Non-Graduated

Case Wood w/ Vinyl Wrap Steel Hinges Latches

Damper Yes

OEM Mallets M14 M23

Bell Stand Option LE1368

Bell Stand Option LFP302BKS

Bell Cart Option M8005

Low End Width 21"

High End Width 10.5"

Length 31"

Depth 3.5"

Weight 44 lbs.