Powerstroke® P3 Suede®

Powerstroke® P3 Suede®

The Powerstroke® P3 Suede® features focused, warm tones with a soft feel. Constructed with 1-ply of 10-mil textured film, Powerstroke® P3 Suede® drumheads provide a 10-mil inlay ring at the outer edge of the head to subtly dampen high frequency overtones. This accentuates the low-end fundamental for Bass Drum applications. Available in sizes 18" - 26".



  • Ideal for batter and resonant Bass Drum applications

  • Available in sizes 18" - 26"

  • 1-ply 10-mil textured film with a 10-mil inlay ring

  • Produces a sound that is a cross between the brightness of Clear and the midrange of Coated Bass drumheads

  • Focused warm tones and soft feel