Renkus-Heinz ICONYX IC7-II and ICX7-II

Mechanically Steerable Line Array Systems

Employing the same triple-tweeter technology and fully natural sound reproduction as their digitally steered brethren, the IC7's fixed acoustical beam is ideal for side fill, front fill, and "short throw" applications that don't demand programmable control.

Self-Powered IC7-II and externally amplified ICX7-II each comprise a column array of four 4" LF Woofers and three 4" full-range coaxial drivers. Internal passive electronics control the frequency and phase response of each driver, all working together to create a uniform 30 degree beam.


Where tighter beam control and higher output are required simply stack two IC(X)7-II enclosures end to end to create a taller seamless array.





World-Class Brazilian Basilica Features Renkus-Heinz

Sao Paulo, Brazil | August, 2015 - "The combination of the IC16-R-II main pair and the ten IC7-IIs has worked perfectly." - Diego Nascimento Brito, AMI Music, Sao Paulo



Renkus-Heinz Iconyx Brings A New Tradition to Old St Louis Cathedral

St. Louis, MO | March, 2015 - "The Cathedral has been known as acoustic nightmare for many years. When we heard they wanted to upgrade their audio system, I knew immediately that Renkus-Heinz Iconyx was the right solution for the space." - Tony Badamo, Tech Electronics.



Renkus-Heinz Helps Conquer Audio Challenges in Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Winnipeg, Manitoba | February, 2015 - "I have had great success with Renkus-Heinz in similarly challenging spaces, especially their Iconyx arrays. The pattern control and fidelity they offer are ideal for applications like this, which require working closely with architects, engineers and AV designers to deliver the intended sound without bleeding throughout the exhibit galleries." - Steve Haas, SH Acoustics




Iconyx Covers Serious Space at Eaton World Headquarters

Beachwood, OH | September, 2014 - "The key to the success of this system is in using very directional speakers, and placing them precisely. Steve Haas recommended Iconyx because it's an excellent speaker that throws well and has great directionality." - Brian Yates, Zenith Systems.




Slovak Medical University Complex Gets the Renkus-Heinz Treatment

Banská Bystrica, Slovakia | July, 2014 - "The hall has always been very challenging acoustical space, and there were a lot of problems with spoken word intelligibility. The ICONYX systems really provided an excellent solution. Intelligibility has been dramatically improved, and their low profile design integrated nicely with the building's architecture." - Ing. Bohumil Tonkovic, MediaTech



Terminal One at Spain’s Valencia Airport Sounds the All Clear with ICONYX

Valencia, Spain | May, 2014 - "The ICONYX systems provide even sound pressure levels and the high intelligibility that is vital for delivering important information to the public. Flight announcements are clear, and passengers have the assurance that they can understand the message despite the background noise." - Diego Velázquez, LDA Audio Tech



Iconyx Tames a Timeless Chamber

Dobbs Ferry, NY | March, 2014 - "With a project like this one, we always face a balance between the need to preserve the natural beauty of the architecture, and the need to create a space that is functional. The integration of the Iconyx series into the Mercy College Rotunda gave us the performance and intelligibility we needed, while maintaining the building's classic aesthetics. They were a great choice." - Leo Garrison, Metro Sound Pros



Sochi Olympics Sound Better with Renkus-Heinz

Sochi, Russia | February, 2014 - "It was a great pleasure to work with the Renkus-Heinz system. I've heard many good things about their patented wave guides, but this was my first experience using their products on a large-scale project, and it was awesome. I've had so many great comments about the sound quality, from the athletes, from the spectators, and even from the heads of the Olympic Committee." -- Vladislav Azarov, Avallon Ltd.



Renkus-Heinz ICONYX Brings Clarity to Beirut Parliament

Beirut, Lebanon | October, 2013 - The tall, domed central hall of the Lebanese Parliament building in Beirut has long been known as an acoustically challenging environment. But after many years and numerous attempts, a recent renovation has brought the building’s rogue reverberation under control, bringing clarity and high intelligibility to the iconic space with Renkus-Heinz Iconyx digitally steered array loudspeakers.


Crystal Clear on the Metro Málaga

Málaga, Spain | July, 2013 - Málaga, one of Europe's most historic cities, is building a much-needed new metro / subway rail network. And with the expertise of PA / VA integrators LDA AudioTech, Iconyx beam steering systems will make individual station announcements crystal clear.



Sweden's Torsåker Church Upgrades to Iconyx

Torsåker, Sweden | June, 2013 - Situated to the east of Hofors Municipality, Gävleborg County, in Sweden, a small rural town with less than 1000 inhabitants, the Torsåker Protestant church was completed in 1758, replacing the medieval church that had stood on the site since the 13th century. Outside the church are two rune stones, placed there during the 11th century and much sought after by adventurous tourists. Inside the church the altar piece and pulpit both date to the late 17th century, carved by master craftsman Marten Jonsson.



Iconyx Makes Things Clear for MannKind Pharmaceuticals

Danbury, CT | April, 2013 - Besides their corporate headquarters in southern California, MannKind Pharmaceuticals maintains two other campuses, including their technical operations team, located in Danbury, CT. It's a busy campus, hosting several hundred employees involved in the company's manufacturing, engineering, and quality assurance divisions.





Technical Specifications

1.0V (for RPO)

96dB (1W/1m)
Frequency Range:All Models120Hz - 18kHz
Max SPL (Single):All Models117dB peak @ 1 meter
Max SPL (Dual Stacked):All Models123dB peak @ 1 meter
Horiz. Dispersion:All Models150° up to 3kHz, 120° above 3kHz
Vertical Dispersion (Single):All Models30°
Vertical Dispersion (Dual):All Models15°
Typical Throw (single):All Models66ft (20 meters)
Typical Throw (Dual):All Models132ft (40 meters)
Beam Control (Single):All ModelsEffective >800Hz
Beam Control (Dual):All ModelsEffective >400Hz
2.4A @ 120 V, 1.2 A @ 240 V, 50-60 Hz

175 W RMS @ 6 Ohms
No. Transducers:All Models3 - Coaxial with a 4" woofer and triple 1" tweeters, RH model SSL4-7 25 W RMS, 50 W Pgm

All Models4 - 4" woofer, RH model SSL4-8, 25 W RMS, 50 W Pgm
See IC7-II Amplifier Specifications

Looping Neutrix Speakon & Screw Terminals
Enclosure:All ModelsExtruded Aluminum with perforated steel grille
Finish:All ModelsWhite or Black paint
Custom colors optional
30 Lbs (13.9 kg) Net

29.4 Lbs (13.4 kg) Net
44.38" H x 5.68" W x 4.75" D
(112.8 cm x 14.4 cm x 12 cm)

88.25" H x 5.68" W x 4.75" D
(224 cm x 14.4 cm x 12 cm)