Renkus-Heinz ICONYX Gen5 IC8-RN

Digitally Steerable Line Array Loudspeaker Systems

Since 2005 Renkus-Heinz have been leading the field in Digitally Steerable loudspeakers.

ICONYX has now been installed in thousands of project worldwide, from LAX International Airport in Los Angeles to the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China.

Truly the most flexible, powerful and architecturally seamless, Digitally Steerable Column Array on the market Iconyx brings intelligible sound to even the most demanding acoustic environments.


Advanced Steered Beam Technology

• Fifth Generation

• 8x 4" Coaxial Transducers each with three HF tweeters

• 8x Amplifier and DSP channels

• Beam control effective down to 800Hz

• Multiple beams and multiple acoustic beam centers

• Multiple Configuration Presets

• RHAON Network

• Slim, Low-Profile Design

ICONYX technology gives sound system designers the power to create a system to cover even the most problematic spaces. Up to four steerable beams can be individually shaped and aimed from a single IC8-RN column using the powerful software-controlled DSP.

Multichannel audiophile amplifiers power arrays of purpose-designed coaxial transducers, each with its own triple tweeter high frequency array. This triple tweeter "array within an array" design reduces the distance between HF sources for greatly improved high frequency performance with consistent, broad horizontal dispersion.


St. James Episcopal Church Renovates with Renkus-Heinz Iconyx Gen5 


Skaneateles, New York | February, 2016 - "They are delighted with the Iconyx Gen5 system, as I knew they would be. We've done a number of installs with Gen5 recently, and all have been very well received." - David May, DCI Sound





Technical Information

1.0 V (for rated power output)
Freq. Range:
120 Hz to 18 kHz
Max SPL:
96 dB peak, @ 100 Ft. (30.5 meters); (3-octave bandwidth centered at 2 kHz)
Horiz. Dispersion:
150° up to 3 kHz; 120° above 3 kHz
Vert. Opening Angle:
20°, 25° and 30°
Vert. Aiming Angle:
Adjustable from -30° to +30°
Typical Throw:
66 Ft. (20 meters)
Beam Control:
Effective down to 800 Hz
No. Transducers:
8 coaxial transducers, each having triple tweeters
No. Amp. Channels:
Coaxial with a 4” woofer and triple 1” tweeters, RH model SSL4-7; 25 W RMS, 50 W Pgm
Analog Audio: 2 balanced inputs on Phoenix Connectors
AES/EBU: Phoenix Connector
Dual RJ45 connectors for Ethernet Control
Computer Controls:
Gain, Mute On/Standby Input Selection
8-Band Parametric EQ
Shelving &
Rolloff Filters
Preset Configuration Selection
Status Indicators:
Input Pad
Preset Configuration Selection Readout
Hanging Method:
2-point hinges or Metric M6 thread eye-bolts
Extruded Aluminum with perforated steel grille
White paint standard 
Optional finishes: black and 
custom color paint
Weather resistant
36 Lbs (16.3 kg) Net
37 11/16” H x 6 1/8” W x 7 5/16 D 
(957mm x 156mm x 186mm)
(includes Mounting Hinges)