Renkus-Heinz ICONYX IC Live Gen5 ICL-F-DUAL-RN

Introducing IC Live Gen5

IC Live arrays provide an elegant solution to long standing acoustical problems with slim enclosures that blend into any environment. Individual driver control maximizes the acoustical advantages of this design. The result is unsurpassed vertical pattern control – essential for delivering intelligible speech in reverberant spaces. IC Live beams can be steered up or down while the array remains vertical – and nearly invisible.

IC Live arrays are also powerful. Their 6.5 inch neodymium low frequency transducers and 1 inch throat titanium nitride coated high frequency drivers produce surprisingly high sound levels for their size. They are equally at home delivering a quiet sermon in a reverberant cathedral, cutting through the crowd noise in a gym during a close basketball game or shaking the walls with rock music in a club.

IC Live for Fixed Installations

IC Live arrays use advanced digital beam steering technology to deliver impeccable sound while staying in the background visually.

Adaptable, Articulate, Invisible

Digital beam steering puts IC Live output where it belongs: on the audience, and way from walls and ceilings.

Computer software lets you define the opening angles for as many as four sonic beams from each ICL-F-RN array module (up to 8 beams from an ICL-F-RN Dual) and aim them up or down. Meanwhile, the slim enclosure stays vertical and inconspicuous.

Two ICL-F-RN modules and an ICL-LM-F-RN module can be stacked for even tighter control and higher output.

Powerful, Accurate, Musical

Iconyx transparent technology controls sound with the most advanced, intelligent DSP. Multi-channel Class D digital amplifiers with integral DSP engines control every single array element with programmable precision.

High-current audiophile output stages power each individual lightweight, efficient transducer in the Iconyx array. Even at 100 feet, SPL is an impressive 105 dB (108 dB when stacked). Output is flat from 80 Hz to 20 kHz.

Low frequency energy can be extended to 40 Hz or below with matching subwoofers.

Portable, Scalable, Versatile

Iconyx IC Live arrays are engineered for portable applications, with an easy-to-use interlocking hardware system that makes setup simple.

Two IC Live arrays can be combined for added output and control. When full range musical output is important to the program, one or two IC215-S dual 15-inch subwoofers can be added to either array.

One-Touch Presets, Intuitive Software

RHAON empowered IC Live arrays provide a full set of remote control and supervision functions, along< with the ability to store up to ten preset configurations in memory.

The presets adapt the arrays' 150° wide horizontal coverage for typical applications such as hotel meeting rooms or auditoriums.

For more complex situations, Iconyx BeamWare software makes it easy to shape the array’s coverage to the audience area.

Nine presets (four factory and five custom) can be stored in memory, ready for selection from the rear panel. Simply scroll through them using the Up/Down buttons and indicator LEDs on the rear panel to find the right one for any given room and audience, and you're ready to go.




First Baptist Church of Bay St. Louis Worships and Rocks with IC Live

Bay St. Louis, Mississippi | March, 2016 - "VARIAi fit perfectly in the original speaker cluster position. The narrow vertical dispersion prevented splashing on the rest of the platform, and the horizontal dispersion let me use one cabinet where I would otherwise have to use several." - Eric Ross, Engineered Lighting and Sound



Historic Synagogue Modernizes with Renkus-Heinz IC Live

Chicago, Illinois | October, 2015 - "With the old system, I could never hear clearly from the mix position. I just got used to how bad it sounded. With the new ICONYX steerable arrays, I'm sitting within the beam pattern, so I can make better decisions and know what it's going to sound like in the seats." Erik Saari, Sound Planning Associates,



Iconyx Tames the Venetian’s Vast Palazzo

Garfield, NJ | May, 2015 - "We've worked with the Iconyx system in the past, and felt it would be a great solution for this space, not only sonically but also aesthetically" - Stephen Cannella, Synapse Chief Design Consultant


Renkus-Heinz IC Live Solves Intelligibility Issues in Dodge City Cathedral

Dodge City, KS | January, 2015 - "When we brought it in to demo, the IC Live sounded so clear right out of the box, it blew them away. In fact, they didn't want us to take it back! When we performed the final installation, we barely applied any system EQ at all. The music sounds great for both worship styles, and the spoken word is now clearly understandable. It proved to be the ideal solution." - Amos Yost, Montezuma Sound



Renkus-Heinz and First Baptist Church of Shawnee – Keeping Tradition Alive

Shawnee, OK | November, 2014 - "We used the IC Live's beam steering capabilities to fill the balcony and the main floor of the church. The IC Live's beam steering technology eliminated the need for front fills, which made for a cleaner look overall." - Danny Nix, AVL Systems



Ward Church Makes a Joyful Noise With Renkus-Heinz

Northville, MI | October, 2014 - "The IC Lives gave great penetration into the lower areas. And because of their width, they delivered great horizontal front-fill coverage. We didn't need to do any down-fill or front-fill boxes because the IC LIVEs were covering all the way across." - Nathan Cole, Sound Planning Communications



Leading Saudi Arabia University Goes All Renkus-Heinz

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia | October, 2014 - "Renkus-Heinz ICONYX was the clear choice for a project of this magnitude. Steered-beam technology was the obvious solution for these challenging spaces, and Renkus-Heinz is the recognized leader in digital beam steering. We wanted consistency in sound quality throughout the campus, and we were confident that Renkus-Heinz systems were versatile enough to deliver the performance and coverage requirements of these many different spaces." - Sergio Onrubia Alvarez, design supervisor, TYPSA



Chongqing International Expo Center

Chongqing, People's Republic of China | October, 2014 - Located at the confluence of the Jialing Jiang and Yangtze Rivers, Chongqing International Expo Center is one of the world's ten largest convention centers, and the largest in western China. Designed and built by Insigma Systems Engineering Co, Ltd., and owned by Chongqing Panda Investment and Development Co., Ltd., the Expo Center covers more than 200,000 square meters (2.1 million square feet), with 16 exhibition halls that buzz throughout the year with exhibitions, conferences, and a wide range of events.



University of Oslo Dental School Opens Wide for Iconyx

Oslo, Norway | June, 2014 - "Using the beam steering to its full potential, the ICONYX speakers were able to deliver great, well controlled speech intelligibility to the very back rows. It is difficult to imagine how a conventional loudspeaker could have delivered this type of performance." - Geir Kristoffersen, Cowi Consultaing Group



Inspired by Aspire with IC Live

Doha, Qatar | March, 2010 - Aspire Park in Doha has one of what surely be one of the world's most innovative
public address systems. 106 Iconyx IC Live and IC Live Dual loudspeakers are
individually addressed over a RHAON network across the park's 88 hectares.




Technical Information

1.0 V (for rated power output)
Freq. Range:
80 Hz to 20 kHz
Max SPL:
108 dB peak @ 100 Ft. (30.5 m) (3-octave bandwidth centered at 2 kHz)
Horiz. Dispersion:
150° up to 3 kHz; 120° above 3 kHz
Vert. Opening Angles:
5°, 10°, 15° and 20°
Aiming Angle:
Adjustable from -30° to +30°
Typical Throw:
160 Ft. (50 meters)
Beam Control:
Effective down to 400 Hz
No. Transducers - Each Module:
Five 6.5-inch cone transducers with neodymium magnets Three 1-inch HF titanium nitride compression drivers
No. Amp. Channels:
8 (per module)
Analog Audio: 2 balanced inputs on Phoenix Connectors
AES/EBU: Phoenix Connector
Dual RJ45 connectors for Ethernet Control
Computer Controls:
Gain, Mute On/Standby Input Selection
8-Band Parametric EQ
Shelving &
Rolloff Filters
Preset Configuration Selection
Power Connector:
IEC power connector
Status Indicators:
Power, Signal, Overdrive, Thermal, Mute, Input Pad, Preset Configuration Readout
Network Digital Format:
16 or 24 bit PCM; 48 or 96 kHz sample rate; selectable network latency
Hanging Method:
Metric M10 attachment points and hinge kits
Finnish Birch with perforated steel grille
Standard finish: white paint
Optional finishes: black and custom color paint, weather resistant
122 Lbs (55.4 Kg) Net
95” H x 8” W x 7” D
(241.5 cm x 20. cm x 17.8 cm)