Renkus-Heinz ICONYX IC2-FR

Powerful and versatile, the IC² system's four 8-inch low frequency Neodymium transducers and four 1-inch throat Titanium Nitride coated HF drivers deliver powerful sound levels that belie their compact size. IC² cabinets can be employed individually as a stand-alone high-performance loudspeaker, ground stacked as a small array, or flown in larger, multi-cabinet arrays for even more output and greater control.

Digitally Steerable Array Technology

Steerable by ± 30º in the vertical plane - “dead” hang the array and adjust the aiming with the RHAON control software.

Variable Beamwidth Control

Vertical opening angles are adjustable from 10 to 80 degrees per beam, even from a single cabinet. With multiple cabinets beams as tight as 5 degrees can be deployed.

Variable Acoustic Centers

Use a single acoustic center, or employ multiple beams with multiple acoustic centers positioned virtually anywhere within the array.


Integral DSP controlled 8-channel Class D digital amplifiers provide 60 Hz to 20 kHz high level performance.

Powerful - High Output

A single cabinet can deliver up to 131 dB peak SPL at 1 meter, over 100 dB at 30 meters - and even higher levels from multi-cabinet arrays.

One-Touch Presets - Intuitive Software

RHAON empowered IC2 arrays provide a full set of remote control and supervisory functions, along with the ability to store up to 10 preset setup configurations in memory.

Multiple Inputs - Greater Versatility

IC2 cabinets offer a wide range of inputs; standard analog, AES/EBU serial digital and multi-channel CobraNet digital audio.

Advanced Transducers

Audiophile quality transducers with highly efficient voicecoil and magnet designs ensure that IC2 offers unsurpassed audio quality while offering all the benefits of a high-output steerable array.






Renkus-Heinz Iconyx perfect for Diverse Needs of Northern Michigan University

Marquette, Michigan | July, 2015 - "What a system! No matter where you sit in the house, you get excellent sound, not just good sound." - Eric Smith, NMU Director of Broadcast and Audio Visual Services



Russian Music Academy Chooses IC Squared

Moscow, Russia | July, 2015 - "The Renkus-Heinz IC2 system was the ideal choice for this venue. Because of the hall's low ceiling, hanging a line array would have been impractical. With the ICONYX steered beam technology, we were able to ground stack the system at the sides of the stage and still aim and focus the sound precisely on the audience, minimizing reflections from the walls and other surfaces." - Sergey Vashchenko, Avallon


Iconyx IC2 Drives Audio for Universal Studios’ Despicable Me

Hollywood, CA | April, 2015 - Universal Studios Hollywood's hottest new attraction, "Despicable Me Minion Mayhem," is an immersive 3D experience that includes motion, sights, and surround sound courtesy of Renkus-Heinz Iconyx IC2 digitally steered line array loudspeakers.


Renkus-Heinz IC² a Hidden Gem at University Chapel

Newport News, VA | February, 2015 - "We needed a high performance, high fidelity, system that could deliver intelligible speech in a highly reverberant space. The IC² system gave us the pattern control of a digitally steered array, but with the full range musicality and output power of a point-source array." - Tom Beaudry, Onyx AudioVisual


Renkus-Heinz IC² Steers Grove City Church in Right Direction

Grove City, OH | December, 2014 - "They demonstrated the beam steering by putting us up in the balcony with the IC² cabinet on stage. We could hear it just fine. Then he opens his laptop and says, ‘Watch this,' and steers the speaker digitally so it's hitting us directly upstairs. All of a sudden, boom, there it was, with unbelievable clarity. I looked at my front of house engineer and we both said, ‘That's the one.' It was the coolest thing." - Matt Groves, Grove City Church


Long Beach Arena’s Pacific Ballroom is Covered by Renkus-Heinz

Long Beach, CA | February, 2014 - "The IC2 delivers such even sound pressure level from front to back. When we did the demo, it was set up at the far end of the arena and shot down the long way. You could walk the whole space, cover the floor, and keep it a solid 98 db SPL from one side to the other." - Andy Batwinas, Electrosonics


Chicago's College Church Offers a Landmark IC Squared Installation

Wheaton, IL | April, 2012 - Founded in 1861 with close ties to Wheaton College, College Church has achieved a reputation as one of the most influential churches in America.








Technical Information

1.0 V (for rated power output)
Freq. Range:
60 Hz to 20 kHz
Max SPL:
131 dB peak @ 1 meter 
(+ 100 dB peak @ 30 meters)
Horiz. Dispersion:
120° (90° optional)
Vert. Opening Angles:
10° to 80° (computer adjustable)
Aiming Angle:
adjustable from -30° to +30°
Beam Control:
Effective down to 800 Hz (Lower when stacked)
No. Transducers:
Four 8” audiophile quality cone transducers 
Four 1” HF titanium nitride compression drivers
No. Amp. Channels:
Power Required:
Universal 90/260 VAC, 50/60Hz. 80 VA Idle; 2000 VA @ rated power output
Analog Audio & AES Inputs: Looping XLR (female in, male out) and Phoenix 6 pin (looping 3-in, 3-out)
CobraNet: Dual RJ45 connectors (for CAT 5e cable)
Power Connector:
Powercon locking connector
Mute button
Up & Down Output Level push buttons
10 dB Input pad (on Analog 1 input)
Push-To-Reset circuit breaker, Preset Selector
Computer Controls:
Gain, Mute, On/Standby, Input Selection, Compression, 8-Band Parametric EQ, Shelving & Rolloff Filters, Delay
Status Indicators:
Power, Signal, Overdrive, Thermal, Mute, Input Pad, Failure, Digital Readout
Network Digital Format:
16, 20 or 24 bit PCM; 48 or 96 kHz sample rate; selectable network latency
Hanging Method:
R-Hang Flying hardware, Metric #10 attachment points.
Finnish Birch, perforated steel grille
Black or white paint
126 Lbs (58 Kg) Net
18.5” H x 28.5” W x 11.25” D 
(47 cm x 72.4 cm x 28.6 cm)