Renkus-Heinz SGX41

Compact 4-inch Coaxial Two-Way Loudspeaker

* Passive

Sound that makes performances and audiences truly come alive doesn’t come easy. But SYGMA loudspeakers put the power of unique Renkus-Heinz developments like Complex Conic horns to work for you. Optional intelligent amplification, optional Ethernet network signal distribution, control and supervision, versatile enclosure designs and rugged construction help solve your sound reinforcement challenges easily and quickly.

Every SYGMA loudspeaker is engineered by Renkus-Heinz to unrivaled standards of quality and innovation. Before we’ll ship them, your loudspeakers have to meet our exacting requirements, for performance that will make you proud and durability that will keep you sounding great.

The SGX41 is a perfect companion to other SYGMA loudspeakers and to the Renkus-Heinz Iconyx line of digitally steerable column arrays. It features the same high-performance audiophile-quality coaxial tranducer as the acclaimed Iconyx column arrays in a miniaturized vented enclosure that can be easily and inconspiciously mounted almost anywhere.

It was designed to meet the needs of audio professionals seeking very small full-range loudspeaker to support a wide range of low profile applications; stage lip, under balcony, reverb assist, side and front fill, effect and distributed systems all benefit from its compact design and smooth, full range performance.

The SGX41 is non-powered, for use with external amplification.


Key Features

* Outstanding Performance, Miniaturized Enclosure

100 Hz to 20 kHz ±3 dB: Outstanding, full-range performance in a miniaturized, space-saving design.

* 4-inch Extended-Range Coaxial Transducer

Delivers the full frequency spectrum with accuracy and balance, easily handles 50 Watts of program power.

* 4-inch High Performance Woofer

With treated fiber cone and supple Butyl surround offers excellent transient response.

* 1-inch Extended Range Soft-Dome Tweeter

Provides smooth, low distortion high frequency performance to 20 kHz and beyond with minimal high frequency beaming.

* Advanced Crossover Network

Maintains time alignment through crossover, assuring point-source behavior.

* Vented Enclosure

Maximizes low frequency response and tonal balance.

Advanced Design

The heart of the SGX41 is its audiophile quality 4-inch coaxial transducer with 4-inch woofer, 1-inch soft dome tweeter, and advanced crossover network. Its skillfully designed vented enclosure adds to its exceptional performance by smoothly extending the low frequency response to 100 Hz and preserving the tonal balance.


Virtually any installation where size is a critical issue and outstanding sonic performance is required.

Ideal for fills, delays and effects in both distributed and playback systems in:

* Churches

* Theaters

* Performing Arts Centers

* Schools

* Sports venues

* Board rooms

* Malls

* Transportation Venues

* Retail Environments




Astana State Auditorium Goes Big with Renkus-Heinz

Astana, Kazakhstan | June, 2014 - "The Renkus-Heinz systems were a good choice for this project, because the beam steering and built in DSP enabled us to configure the system to cover all the seating, at multiple levels and locations." - Alessandro Baroni, A&T Media



Wu-Jin’s New Phoenix Valley Cultural Center Spreads its Wings with Renkus-Heinz

Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China | May, 2014 - On a busy thoroughfare in Changzhou's Wujin District, the aptly named Phoenix Valley Cultural Center stretches its wings over more than 156,000 square feet. The vast complex is the largest and most modern of its kind, an urban nexus that is home to four cinemas, sports and dance halls, art galleries and an early childhood education center, as well as a retail hub, children's playgrounds, and a public square with canals and gardens.



Renkus-Heinz ICONYX Brings Clarity to Beirut Parliament

Beirut, Lebanon | October, 2013 - The tall, domed central hall of the Lebanese Parliament building in Beirut has long been known as an acoustically challenging environment. But after many years and numerous attempts, a recent renovation has brought the building’s rogue reverberation under control, bringing clarity and high intelligibility to the iconic space with Renkus-Heinz Iconyx digitally steered array loudspeakers.