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Renkus-Heinz VA or VAX15Si

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High-Power Subwoofer

The self-powered VA15Si and externally amplified VAX15Si are ideal companions to VARIA101i array modules. The high-power 15-inch woofer delivers outstanding low-frequency impact in a design that maximizes the efficiency of this cutting edge woofer technology.

Low-frequency output extends down below 40 Hz and delivers a peak SPL output of up to 129 dB, providing a solid foundation for any musical performance.

VA/VAX15Si subwoofers can be ground stacked and used as a sturdy base for one or more VARIAi array modules. They can also be flown as separate low frequency arrays, or flown at the top of full-range VARIAi arrays, keeping the entire system off the floor.

Together, VARIAi array modules and VARIAi subwoofers provide a high-power full-range system capable of handling the most demanding musical performances, especially in difficult acoustical environments.





Long Beach Arena’s Pacific Ballroom is Covered by Renkus-Heinz

Long Beach, CA | February, 2014 - "The IC2 delivers such even sound pressure level from front to back. When we did the demo, it was set up at the far end of the arena and shot down the long way. You could walk the whole space, cover the floor, and keep it a solid 98 db SPL from one side to the other." - Andy Batwinas, Electrosonics



Premiere Southern California Live Music Venue Steps it Up with VARIA

Long Beach, CA | December, 2013 - "We couldn't be happier with the new VARIA system. Our customer base noticed immediately. It's loud, clear, and clean, without blowing people away. Thanks to the new VARIA system, we are now known as the premiere live music venue in Southern California." -- Mike Neufeld, Owner, The Gaslamp



The Church at Liberty Square Gets a Custom Fit with VARIA

Cartersville, GA | October, 2013 - "Being able to select among several boxes with different coverage patterns, and particularly being able to choose transitional boxes in between the fixed ones, makes a tremendous difference in designing a system. It's almost as if every box is custom, but you don't have to wait six weeks or pay top dollar." - Kent Morris, Principal, Cornerstone Media Group.




Technical Information

1.0 V for RPO

95dB (1W/1m)
Freq. Response:All Models40 Hz to 120 Hz (+/- 3dB)
Max SPL:VA15Si-R
128dB peak @ 1 meter

131dB peak @ 1 meter
Power Rating:VA15Si-R
See PF1-500R Internal Power Amplifier specifications

1000W AES @ 8 ohms, recommended amplifier power 2000W @ 8 ohms
See PF1-500R Internal Power Amplifier specifications

2x NL4 Speakon (looping) LF 1+/1- HF 2+/2-, Barrier Strip
Hardware:All Models8-point universal mounting hardware (Metric M10 threads)
Integral Flying Hardware
Option:All ModelsHeavy Duty Casters

All ModelsWR Weather Resistant Treatment
Enclosure:All Models3/4" (19 mm) Multiply Birch Construction
Perforated metal grille
Finish:All ModelsBlack or White Paint as Standard
Custom Color Paint available as cost option
Dimensions:All ModelsW 24 3/8" x H 19" x D 22 1/2"
(618.5 mm x 482.6 mm x 571.5 mm)
Weight:All Models120 Lbs (54.4 kg) Net without MPS rigging connector
126.4 Lbs (57.3 kg) Net with MPS rigging connector