Rotosound Nexus Accoustic


Clear Coated Phosphor Bronze
The result of many requests from Rotosound players for a coated string.
The windings continue to be a 92/8 phosphor bronze but with a clear polymer coating that allows for a more subtle tone, longer string life, subdued finger noise and highly resistant to perspiration from the players hands.The unwound strings are made from a special ‘platinum’ plated piano wire. Available in three of our most popular gauges.

Please note: w denotes wound string

6 String Sets

NXA10        10,      14,       20w,         28w,        40w,         50w
NXA11         11,      16,       22w,         30w,        42w,         52w
NXA12        12,      16,       24w,          32w,        44w,        54w