Rotosound PSD Bass 99 - 4 String Set

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Originally developed under the Rotosound name as ‘Super Bass’ in 1974.

Later that year the ‘Superwound’ string company was formed to incorporate all types of bass and guitar strings with the ‘piano string design’.

A specialist string design that utilises the contact core concept. That is the same as piano strings whereby only the core is exposed over the bridge of the instrument.

These sets comprise of a ‘ball and cone’ system or ‘adjustable ballends’ so that the correct cover termination distance of around 6mm from the bridge saddles is achievable with the many different long scale models out there.

The increased sustain and presence is unmatched by any other string, at the same time freeing up those upper harmonics that would otherwise be lost.

It is also important to note that the action will be slightly reduced using these strings.

Stanley Clarke once stated that these strings were ‘the hottest sound I have ever heard”


4 String Set
RS99LDG - 45, 65, 85, 105