Samson Synth 7 Handheld - Professional UHF Wireless System

Synth 7 Sistem Wireless Handheld Samson memberikan kinerja dan fitur yang biasanya disediakan untuk sistem yang lebih mahal. Sistem penerima semuanya terbuat dari logam dan pemancar masing-masing memiliki layar LCD yang user-friendly untuk memantau kinerja yang unggul. Juga termasuk spektrum analyzer frekuensi auto, 100 pilihan saluran, dengan jangkauan nirkabel 300 dan Q8 elemen mikrofon dynamic Samson, Synth 7 Handheld memberikan suara definisi tinggi dan kinerja nirkabel UHF profesional dengan harga yang tidak ada duanya.

Synth 7 Handheld System

  • Premium UHF wireless system
  • Rugged all-metal construction on receiver and transmitter
  • 1/4" audio cable, AC adapter and rackmount kit included

UR7 Wireless Receiver

  • Multifunctional full-color LCD
  • 100 available channels across a 25MHz band
  • Up to 20 systems can be operated simultaneously (region dependent)
  • Auto frequency spectrum analyzer
  • IR set automatically links with transmitter
  • Lock setting for uninterrupted performance
  • Selectable Squelch control (Low, Mid, High)

UH7 Handheld Transmitter

  • Q8 Professional Dynamic Microphone capsule
  • LCD indicates battery level and operating channel
  • Offers up to 15 hours of battery life using two AA batteries
  • 300' operating range

Consumer Alert
Most users do not need a license to operate this wireless microphone system. Nevertheless, operating this microphone system without a license is subject to certain restrictions: the system may not cause harmful interference; it must operate at a low power level (not in excess of 50 milliwatts); and it has no protection from interference received from any other device. Purchasers should also be aware that the FCC is currently evaluating use of wireless microphone systems, and these rules are subject to change. For more information, call the FCC at 1-888-CALL-FCC (TTY: 1-888-TELL-FCC) or visit the FCC's wireless microphone website at