Samson S4000 - Powered Mixer

S4000 Powered Mixer Samson mengantarkan pilar utama premium sound, power yang luar biasa, precise control, keandalan yang merupakan hal esensial untuk house engineer dan live sound producer. Didesain dengan standar Samson yang teliti S4000 merupakan board ideal untuk semua venue yang membutuhkan audio berkualitas tinggi.

  • 20-channel (12 mono, 4 stereo) powered mixer
  • 500 watts stereo, 1,000 watts bridged mono
  • Built-in MP3 player/recorder for streaming music or recording to a USB flash drive
  • 12 high-quality, low noise mic preamps
  • Four Aux sends (1 Pre, 1 Pre/Post, 2 Effects)
  • Dual 24-bit effects processor with 100 preset parameters and FX level controls
  • Dual 9-band graphic EQ
  • 12-segment LED level meters
  • Mono Sub output with variable low pass ?lter
  • 1/4" headphone and Speakon® outputs
  • Low and high frequency EQ knobs
  • Advanced mid-frequency sweep and Cut/Boost with variable knobs
  • Mute and Low Pass Filter buttons, Gain knobs, PFL control switch on all mono channels
  • Includes protective cover with locking latches