Schumann Upright Piano E6-121 Black


Model             : E6-121 upright piano
specification    :152(L)×61(W)×121cm(H) 210Kg(Weight)
Color              : black

1. Special hammer:special inner wool hammer.
2. The treble is clear and bright with continuous and soft resound, and meanwhile the bass is deep and sedate with natural and unitary transition of music zone. Both the practice and performance are smooth and vivid.
3. Natural on the keyboard: artificial ivory. Sharp on the keyboard: Synthetic material.
4. Can add “hydraulic pressure slowly descent fallboard”.
5. Equipped with advanced piano chair and slipcover .
6. Soundboard uses absolute wood or multiplex wood.
7. The bridge is made of high-quality maple wood, which is imported from Europe or Dongbei. It has good conduction of vibration, and makes the sound source steady.
8. The string imported from Germany “ROSLAU”.
9. Equipped with agraffe, insure the sound persistent.
10. Pin block: advanced se-wood lamination craft , the technic insure the sound persistent.
11. Up-to-date string designs column , the steel plate framework adopt new process design of edge; the muffler rail and the bottom rail are pure wood and also Euro-style style.
12. Easily play, attractive highness price is compared to price, is qualified with high-grade music chair.

13.It uses a special-made stringed instrument and sound lip of stringed instrument. And it uses the stringed instrument to control string and precisely fix the position of string, which substantially increases the accuracy of string, and makes sound rich, pure and beautiful.
14. Full deep tone, enduring tenuto
15. The new keyboard height was designed by anthro-engineering.
16. Adopt the Europe tradition piano design principle, is the best choice for special teachers and is the representative of the top grade triangle musical instrument in the Schumann piano flagship product.
17. With silver hardware, brilliance and non-discoloration can be permanently guaranteed.