Selmer Student Model CL201 Bb Clarinet

Selmer Student Model CL201 Bb Clarinet

Model CL201


Berdasarkan desain asli pelajar clarinet George Bundy, clarinet Selmer menawarkan pembuatan yang dibuat seumur hidup. Menggabungkan daya tahan drop forged nickel silver key, straight cut tone hole dan satin wood seperti finish, instrumen ini akan bertahan sampai bertahun – tahun.

The medium .573” complex bore gives students a slight resistance that helps develop a well controlled even focused mature sound.

Undercut tone holes offer students a smooth even scale with better control over intonation.

Specially designed drop forged, nickel-silver keys are durable and resistant to bending.

Wide pinky key designs make it easy for students with smaller fingers to reach.

Unstained grenadilla wood gives students an instrument that will provide rich warm tone from an earlier start, making it easier to develop musically.

The Selmer CL201 includes a hard rubber mouthpiece for a vibrant responsive tone that helps develop proper embouchure habits from an early age.

Built in the USA (Elkhart, Indiana), the Selmer CL201 has built a foundation of trust with educators around the world.