Zildjian 16 K Constantinople Crash K1066

The 16" K Constantinople Crash has received a makeover. Incorporating the same features as the new 15", 17", and 19" K Constantinople Crashes, the 16" Crash now utilizes new hammering techniques allowing the cymbal to open up with more dark overtones, distinction, and musicality than ever before. The new pin lathe, added to the top and bottom of each cymbal, serves as an additional tonal groove, adding to the overall complexity of the sound produced. Additionally, the new pin lathe enhances the visual appearance of these cymbals adding a vintage look of the Ks of the past.

* Traditional Finish

* Low to Mid Pitch

* Dark/Mid Sound

* General Volume

* Thin Weight

SKU: K1066

Low to Mid Pitch

Size: 16"

Cymbal Type: Crashes

General Volume

Thin Weight

Skill Level(s): Advanced, Beginner, Intermediate, Professional