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Mapex 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Snare Drum

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The 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Snare Drum is a throwback tribute to the widely admired Deep Forest Snare Drum of the 1990’s. Made of the same natural finished 100% walnut plies, this drum’s Dark, Rich Saturating Tone is sure to awaken every drummer’s inspiration for a solid backbeat. The sound quality is defined by the SONIClear™ Bearing Edge, and focused by the Sonic Hoops making this a classic MAPEX snare drum with modern MAPEX character.

SONICLEAR™ BEARING EDGE The SONIClear™ Bearing Edge is a standard feature on all 30th Anniversary shells, allowing drum heads to sit flush on the drums, promoting ease of tuning, increased shell resonance, and optimal tonal clarity.

SONIC SAVER™ HOOPS The inward flange and extra weight of the Sonic Saver™ Hoops help to focus and control the sound of the drums. The projection is more "down" than "out" and will provide more of a "vintage" or closed tone.

CYLINDER-DRIVE STRAINER AND BUTT-END ADJUSTER The Cylinder-Drive Strainer and Butt-End Adjuster use a self-lubricating bearing to ensure smooth operation. The adjustment dial employs "micro-lock" technology that provides precise control and prevents the snare wires from loosening during play.

PURESOUND® CUSTOM SERIES 16-STRAND WIRES The Puresound® Custom Series 16-Strand Wires feature medium-gauge wire with evenly spaced standard coils, providing an even balance between snare response and shell sound.