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Pearl Tom and Cymbal Stand TC-1030B

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TH1030S Short Tom Arm Gyro-Lock Tilter
Gyro-Lock Tilters

GyroLock Tilters are infinitely adjustable and provide 360 degree range of motion for precise drum and cymbal positioning with one-step convenience.

CH1030B Boom Cymbal Holder
CH1030B Boom Cymbal Holder

A professional solution for added cymbals and accessories, Pearl's Gyro-Lock Boom Cymbal Holder is easily adaptable to drum racks or other stands around the kit and features rachetless, multi-axis tilter adjustment.  Its off-set boom arm tilter with form-fit stop lock provides extra length for reach from the mounted position. 

ADP30 3-Way Clamp
ADP30 3-Way Clamp

Removable 3-way ADP30 clamp offers independant height and angle positioning.

TC1030B Tom/Cymbal Stand Trident Tripod
Trident Tripod

Employing a full 360° of clamping force via the hinged collar, the Trident Tripod's heavy duty legs feature lateral bracing for superior, ultra quiet rigidity.

CH1030B Wingloc Quick-Release Nut
WingLoc Quick Release Nut

(U.S. Patent # 6884015) Pearl’s WingLoc Quick Release Wing Nut snaps open and snaps closed for super quick removal and attachment.

CH1030B Reversible Cymbal Washers
Reversible Cymbal Washers

Our Felt/Foam Cymbal Washers allow four-way control of cymbal “ring” by mixing and matching the “hard” and “soft” surfaces of the washers.

CH1030B Reversible Seat Cup
Reversible Seat Cup

(U.S. Patent #6940006) The seat cup is specially designed for normal “floating” or reversed “locked” action to prevent noise during recording.

TC1030B Insulated Pipe Joint
Insulated Pipe Joints

Insulated pipe joints for rock-solid height and silent stability.


Gyro-Lock Tilter


Die-Cast Pipe Joint


No Rattle Tubes


Double braced struts on the Trident Design Tripod offer the ultimate in structural integrity to prevent lateral wobble and the inherent squeaks that may result from it


Ultra-Grip Wingnuts and Wingbolts


Extra Large No-Slip Feet