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Steinway Concert Series - Sri Hanuraga

Dear Piano Lovers,

House of Piano proudly presents Steinway Concert Series Sri Hanuraga "The Hermenutics of Sound'.

Hermeneutics, in general terms is the art of interpretation. Interpretation of sound focuses in large on the acoustical properties of the sound. By changing the emotional descriptor of a sound, the perception in terms of level sound will change.

Sri Hanuraga was born in Jakarta on December 24th 1985. At the age of seventeen, he has started to study Jazz piano and played at some major Jazz festivals in Indonesia. During his stay in The Netherlands, he has performed in many European countries such as France, Slovenia, Belgium, Hungary, Monaco, Italy, Germany, and Romania.

Watch the exclusive performance from Sri Hanuraga on Friday, September 24, 2021 at 19.30 WIB.

Premiere on our Youtube Channel: House of Piano Official Channel.

Thank you and see you soon, Piano Lovers

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