Edgar Russ


craftsman at heart Born in 1966, Edgar Russ was the youngest of five children in a big Austrian family. Probably to attract the attention of the rest of the family, he was compelled to stand out, and felt instantly attracted to everything that generated a powerful sound. Already at the age of 11, Edgar made his first instruments – Bongos, drums, flutes and guitars. “Already in my childhood, I felt deep satisfaction from creating something with my own hands. I knew I wouldn’t exist without handicraft.“ Master Edgar Russ learning from the world’s greatest With seventeen, a very focused Edgar Russ moved to Cremona, Italy, to attend the world-renowned international violin making school “Scuola Internazionale di Liuteria, Antonio Stradivari”. After gaining work experience in Cremona, the young violin maker went to the US to expand his expertise in international violin making. Already at a very early age, Edgar Russ became a master luthier. writing his own chronicles In 1990, master luthier Edgar Russ opened his first workshop in Cremona on Via Plasio, followed by a relocation to Via Sicardo together with a friend, Giorgio Grisales. Another ten years passed by, before Master Edgar Russ decided to open a new independent workshop that would better represent his own personality and creative soul. Until today this workshop is located in the heart of the historic center of Cremona on Via Maura Macchi. Since 2017, Edgar Russ is also member of the board of directors of the Consortium “Antonio Stradivari”, where he shares his know-how with the rest of Cremona´s makers. collaboration with musicians From the very beginning, violin maker Edgar Russ has been working with professionals playing in orchestras, whose desire was to project the instruments’ beauty and tonal power as far as to the very last row of the massive theaters and concerts halls. “Many times I drove from Cremona to Vienna with my car loaded with instruments and tools in order to adjust the sound according to my customer’s needs”. However, it has been worthwhile: Seven musicians of the Vienna Philharmonics Orchestra have been playing on Edgar Russ’ instruments. distinguished violin making for a lifetime With more than 30 years of experience and thanks to the collaboration and qualification at the best violin workshops worldwide, Master Edgar Russ has obtained a very high command and expertise in violin making. You will see and hear the perfect harmony of skill and artistic sensibility in all works. His violin, viola, cello and double bass are well known around the world. Their value increases over time, making Edgar Russ a distinguished Master violin maker. “My work is my passion. My customers’ satisfaction is the power that moves me, that gives me the desire to do better and better.“